• Peacock Print Pillow Cover

    Cording or Self Welt

    Cording is using fabric to make a cord (like a thin rope) around the edges of a pillow or cushion. Self welt is using the same fabric as the pillow, while contrasting cord is using a different fabric to make the cord. Cording is used for a more traditional finished look.

  • Embroidered Sea Star Pillow Cover

    Knife Edge

    Knife Edge is a smooth seam all around the edges of a pillow or cushion. There is no cording to separate the layers of fabric. Knife edge is used for a clean contemporary look.

  • Floral Bird Chinoiserie Fall Colors

    Lumbar Pillow

    Lumbar pillows can be made in a variety of sizes but are always rectangular. A typical chair size lumbar is 14x20 inch, while a king size bed looks nice with a 16x36 inch size.

  • Made to Order Bolster Pillow Cover


    A bolster pillow or neck roll is round (think paper towel tube) and long. Shorter ones look great on a sofa, while a longer one looks fabulous on a bed. They are corded around the ends and have a long zipper to easily place the insert.

  • Covent Garden Floral Pillow Cover

    Bed Scarf

    A bed scarf or bed runner, is a 20(ish) inch wide strip of decorative fabric that lays at the foot of the bed. It helps to bring colors together and layer the overall look of the bed. It is double sided either with the same fabric or a contrasting fabric on the back. It can be corded or knife edge.

  • Roman Shade

    Roman Shades are lined fabric shades that are meant to be pulled up and let down over the window to provide shade and privacy. They can be mounted outside the window with a valance hung above them, or they can be mounted inside the window frame. They function on a manual pull cord system.

  • Blush Pink and Green Chinoiserie Scenery Pillow Cover

    The Best Pillow Insert

    For an extra full looking pillow size up on your insert. (Example: a 20x20" covet gets a 22"×22"insert) For a softer pillow use the same size insert as your cover. To get that magazine worthy chopped look, use a good quality down insert and save the fiber inserts for outdoor pillows only.